Resident Camp (ages 7-15)

More information about the 2014 camping season will be available on November 1, 2013.

Week 2014 Dates 2014 Offerings
A June 22-27 No Camp Sessions (staff training only)
B June 29-July 4 Resident Camp, Day Camp, LIT, CIT, Overnight Experience, 4 Day Stay
C July 6-12 Resident Camp, Day Camp, LIT, CIT
D July 13-19 Resident Camp, Day Camp, LIT, CIT
E July 20-25 Resident Camp, Day Camp, LIT, CIT
F July 27-August 2 Resident Camp, Day Camp, LIT, CIT
G August 3-8 Resident Camp, Day Camp, LIT, CIT
H August 10-16 Resident Camp, Day Camp, LIT, CIT
I August 17-22 Resident Camp, Day Camp, LIT, CIT, Overnight Experience
J August 25-29 Day Camp


Typical Overnight Camp Schedule

2013 Themes of the Week

An experience to remember for a lifetime! From first-timers to third generation campers, the Camp Stella Maris resident camp offers a unique and exciting values-based camping environment. Children enjoy the outdoors, make friends, learn new skills, as well as challenge themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically - an opportunity for personal growth while having lots of fun! 

Our resident campers are divided into 5 age divisions. All divisions take part in programming from Adventure, Arts and Nature, Ballfield, Spiritual and Waterfront, our five program areas. Our youngest three divisions all take part in swimming lessons and can also choose from a variety of activities within the five areas. Some of our programs include low ropes, surviving the outdoors, jewelry making, drama and improv, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, fishing, etc. 

For our older divisions, campers will have the opportunity to sign up for additional programs. The basic skills for the beginner through experienced enthusiast are taught in camp's water skiing and sailing programs. If adventure and a challenge are calling out to you, try our high ropes or extreme high ropes program. For campers who have an artistic side, pottery allows you to create a masterpiece. And if you want to try a classic summer camp activity, there's archery. 

Typical Overnight Camp Schedule 

7:30am: Wake-up 
7:45am: Breakfast
9:00am: Morning Programs: Adventure, Arts & Nature, Ballfield, Spiritual, Waterfront
12:30pm: Lunch (family style)
1:30pm: Catholic Mass or "God Time" (M/W/F) Downtime (T/TH)
2:30pm: All-camp program: open waterfront, open camp etc.
4:30pm: Down Time and Cabin Inspection
5:30pm: Dinner (family style)
6:00pm: Open Ballfield and CampStore
7:15pm: Evening Programs: (campfires, ham jams, cabin time, capture the flag, etc)
9:15pm: Night Prayers
9:30pm: Lights Out 

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Financial aid is available by calling Karen at (585) 346-2243, ext. 105   


For additional registration information, please e-mail or call 585-346-2243, ext 104.  


2013 Themes of the Week

While any time at Camp Stella Maris is sure to be filled with fun, summer programs are centered around a specific weekly theme. Whether they are dressed in costume or singing silly songs, your camper is sure to enjoy their week at Camp. 

A Week - The Wonderful World of Stella Maris
When you hear the phrase “Happiest Place on Earth”, do you think of a magical place in Florida? Do you think of CSM? Well now you can experience both… at the same time! Maybe we’ll get to see Mickey Mouse dance on the waterfront, Buzz Lightyear fly from the high ropes course, or Shrek play dodgeball. Don’t forget your bathing suits for Splash Mountain or your air guitar for the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. And the best part is, we’ll be doing it all in 3D!

B Week  - Aliens & Cowboys
The wild wild west is being invaded by aliens! This week, all kinds of wacky things will be happening. There will be cowboys trying to lasso robots, and Martians learning how to horseback ride. They might even let us climb aboard their UFO, as long as we are wearing the appropriate cowboy hat and spurs, of course. So get ready to giddy up earthlings!

C Week - Planet Earth
This week we will be bringing the Discovery Channel to life! We are going to be seeing what it’s like to live in a rainforest, jungle, desert, or tundra. We will also be diving to the deepest depths of the ocean! There will be all different kinds of wild creatures, including some that you’ve never heard of before. Getting to experience everything our Planet Earth has to offer will certainly make for an awesome week you’ll never forget.

D Week - Color Wars!
Color Wars is back and better than ever! As always, camp will be divided into four teams: red, yellow, green, and last summer’s champion, blue. We’ll be competing all week, searching for which team has the most creativity, athleticism, team spirit, and silliness. Get prepared for all of the traditional contests, and be ready for some new challenges coming your way!

E Week -  Welcome to Hollywood
Lights, camera, action! That’s right campers, this week we are rolling out the red carpet just for you! This week, you’ll get to know what it feels like to stand on stage at the Grammys or to dance with your favorite musician. We’ll be acting out some funny moments from movies you’ve seen and dress up in crazy costumes.  Anything can happen. Just remember, you’re the movie stars this week, so watch out for the paparazzi, and come ready to have fun!

F Week - Camp Before Time
Picture yourself in a time before technology existed.  It’s hard to imagine right? Well get excited, because it’s happening F Week at CSM! We’re going to be trading in our houses for caves and our pet dogs for pet dinosaurs. Come ready to embrace your inner cave man and journey through the Stone Age!

G Week - Holiday Craze
Happy new year, ‘tis the season to eat turkey and carve pumpkins! This might sound a little crazy, because it’s going to be! All of your favorite holidays wrapped into one week on the shores of Conesus Lake. So pack your holiday cheer, and sing it loud for all to hear.

H Week - Pure Imagination
This week is going to feel like a dream world. We’ll get to hang out in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, follow Dorothy down the yellow brick road, and meet James on his giant peach! But that’s just the beginning… we have so many more ideas floating around our imaginations. You’ll just have to wait and see!

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